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A Private Island Getaway for Families

Jumby Bay Island is a glossy getaway that puts most people in mind of vacationing movie stars and holidaying hedge funders. But if we were to tell you this luxurious all-inclusive retreat was named after a mischievous spirit called a ‘jumbie’, you might see it in a different light. And realise that your own mischievous spirits — aka your kids — might also want to hang out on a 300-acre private island in the Caribbean Sea.

Familes are welcome on Jumby Bay Island
Familes are welcome on Jumby Bay Island

Certainly, you can get back in touch with your inner child in this captivating mini-paradise anchored in the North Sound National Park. The water's so clear and blue out here that it first has to be seen, then believed and finally explored. We suggest taking a guided snorkelling tour along with the rest of the family, lashings of sunscreen and a giddy sense of adventure. You can also hop aboard a sailboat and visit the deserted islets that dot these crystalline waters. Starfish, sea turtles and even the world’s rarest snake (the harmless racer lives on nearby Great Bird Island) can all be spotted if you’re lucky.

Snorkelling on Jumby Bay Island
Snorkelling on Jumby Bay Island

There are loads more fun and games to be had back at base. The complimentary Camp Jumby Pavilion reminds 3 to 11-year-olds that it's possible to have fun without the latest computer games. Jumby Bay's indefatigable team organises outdoor pursuits like Day at the Beach, Wildlife & Ocean Adventures and Pirates of the Caribbean. Activities such as Little Chefs and Discover Science are also thrown in for any budding cooks or biologists.

But if your offspring is more of a naturalist, the Waterfowl Sanctuary at the heart of the island is a magnet for show-off birds like whistling ducks, white egrets and blue pelicans. The free-roaming black-headed Persian sheep might stop by too. And don't forget to sign up to the Hawksbill turtle programme. Between June and November, Hawksbill sea turtles use Pasture Bay Beach on the Atlantic coastline as their nesting site. Watching these magnificent creatures drag themselves up the beach to lay their eggs certainly beats a game of Minecraft.

Drinks and all-day dining are always included in the price at Jumby Bay Island, of course. And there’s a wide choice of family-friendly accommodation on offer including one-bedroom Pool Suites (which can sleep up to four), some brand new two-bedroom Family Suites (available December 2022), and even a whole host of private villas and residences which come with swanky little extras like infinity-edge pools and direct beach access. But wherever you decide to stay, we're pretty sure no one will be throwing their toys out of the pram at Jumby Bay Island!

Family Experience Offer — available 1 July to 28 August, 2022. One complimentary all-inclusive night in a Beachside or Pool Suite, plus a private picnic. From $2,800 per night. Conditions apply.


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