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THE ANTIGUAN is now exclusively in a digital flipbook format. So there's no more waiting until you're on-island to get your hands on a copy. You can read us at the click of this button via the ISSUU publishing platform. And if you'd like to keep us on your desktop, tablet or mobile for easy reference, simply do the following...

• If you're viewing THE ANTIGUAN on your desktop computer, add us to the 'Bookmarks' tab in your browser. 

• If you're viewing us on your mobile or tablet, click your device's 'Share' button, followed by 'Add to Home Screen.' And, of course,  you can always share us with your friends. 

• If you'd prefer to download a PDF, simply click the turquoise link on this page.


• And when you're in Antigua, just use your mobile device to scan the QR Codes you'll see at hotels, restaurants, attractions and shops around the island.


Then all Antigua will be forever at your fingertips!


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