Our twin island nation is not all about white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters. Rent a car or hire a taxi and discover the unique attractions of our islands. From scenic drives through untouched rainforests to colourful markets and historic sugar plantations, there really is something for everyone...


Our white sand beaches are still our biggest draw, of course. Those in the west are bordered by the calm Caribbean Sea, those in the east by the wilder Atlantic Ocean. They range from popular Dickenson Bay in the north to deserted Half Moon Bay in the south - and there are 363 others in between. Of course, Barbuda has long been famous for its endless pink sands bordered by crystalline, turquoise waters.  


Devil's Bridge is one of Antigua's must-sees, a spectacular natural bridge at the head of Indian Creek with blow-holes and spouting surf. Fig Tree Drive is the island's most scenic road, meandering through acres of  lush rainforest and lined with guavas, coconuts and of course bananas - 'fig' is the Antiguan name for bananas! Barbuda's natural beauty spots include Indian Cave and idyllic Spanish Point. 


Antigua's rich colonial history is still evident in naval harbours like Nelson's Dockyard, sugar mills like Betty's Hope, quaint towns like Parham, and ruined fortresses like Fort Barrington and Shirley Heights. The Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, and Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre will whisk you even further back in time. And if you're interested in exploring the past of our sister island Barbuda, take a trip to its fort and Martello tower, as well as Highland House, the historically important ruins of the Codrington estate. 


Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nelson's Dockyard is the star of the show. It is the only working Georgian naval dockyard in the world and a magnet for yachts (and yachties!) from all over the globe. The Codrington Lagoon National Park on Barbuda is also of economic and cultural importance, supporting one of the world's largest colonies of frigate birds, as well as whistling ducks, pelicans, ibis and cormorants. 


Bird Island, Green Island, Long Island and Prickly Pear are just a few of the deserted islands dotted around our shoreline, many of them anchored in the North Sound. Some are refuges for globally significant wildlife, one a sanctuary for globally significant celebrities! Boat trips are readily available to many of them...


Antiguans are a friendly bunch, delighted (and proud!) to share their idyllic island with overseas visitors. You can mix and mingle with them on our beaches, in our bars, or at annual festivals like Antigua Sailing Week and Antigua Carnival.  And, of course, St. John's is perfect for a taste of local life - quite literally, its public market packed with stalls selling Caribbean fruit and vegetables. Saturdays see food stalls dotted all around the island, the ladies selling conch water, salt fish, ducana and charcoal grilled chicken. Coconut water is the perfect accompaniment! And nowadays you can even learn to cook like a Antiguan!

Antigua & Barbuda
Fig Tree Drive, Antigua
Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua
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