Photo: Cloggys, English Harbour



Our cuisine is a reflection of our twin-island nation. It's creative, colourful and cosmopolitan. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to making reservations as there are about a 100 restaurants dotted throughout our 108 square miles. So whatever your budget, and whether you’re after fast or fancy food, you’re sure to find something to suit in Antigua & Barbuda... 


World dining is truly covered here. You can chow down on everything from Italian ravioli, Spanish gazpacho and French crêpes to Indian rotis Mediterranean tapas and Japanese sushi. You can even enjoy a Middle Eastern falafel before smoking a hookah pipe, and there’s a little joint in town renowned for serving the best pizza in the Caribbean! The rum cocktails, local Wadadli beer, and new and old world wines are sure to enhance every meal. 


Of course, there’s nothing to stop you picking up a delicious treat on one of our street corners either. Local delicacies include jerk chicken, pepperpot stew and conch fritters, with tamarind balls and Johnny cakes for afters. Fresh fish such as mahi mahi and red snapper regularly appear on our menus, lobster available all year round except May and June. And get used to seeing a bottle of the award-winning Susie’s Hot Sauce on most dining tables in Antigua...


Pillars Restaurant, English Harbour


Wondering where to make dinner reservations tonight? From French bistros to island beach bars, THE ANTIGUAN will give you all the skinny on the island's best restaurants…